Women's orange floral flip flops, made in America from Tidal NYC
Miami style flip flops with floral pattern by american company Tidal New York
Floral flip flops for women. Sustainably made in America by Tidal New York.
Women's orange flip flops with floral pattern.
The best vacation flip flops for women in orange.
Best beach flip flops with orange floral pattern. Made in america with sustainable material for women.
Cute women's flip flops perfect for vacation.

MIA Flip Flops


Women's MIA flip flops in tangerine with gold strap.

Product Details: 

  • Extra soft, 60% air sole to keep you comfy all day long
  • No break-in period, which means instant comfort
  • Thicker, more durable soles for a sportier, more refined silhouette
  • Patented digital printing process keeps your flip flops looking fresh
  • Exclusively made in Tidal’s factory a cab ride from New York City and on our way to zero waste
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100% Polyerethane construction
Made in New York, USA

Why Tidal


- Made to last. And Last. And last.

- Polyurethane soles, like premium running shoes

- Every piece is made by us, in house


- Good to go! No break in period

- 5X more resilient than foam flip-flops

- Density is key, our soles are 60% Air


- Wind powered production facility

- Career focused employment for Veterans

- Domestically sourced materials