Blue Tropez Flip-Flops

Whisper White

Women's 'Blue Tropez' flip-flops in whisper white.

Product Details: 

  • Extra soft, 60% air sole to keep you comfy all day long
  • No break-in period, which means instant comfort
  • Thicker, more durable soles for a sportier, more refined silhouette
  • Patented digital printing process keeps your flip-flops looking fresh
  • Exclusively made in Tidal’s factory a cab ride from New York City and on our way to zero waste
  • Every purchase helps us create more careers for veterans right here in the U.S.

At Tidal New York, we make the world’s most comfortable flip-flops for people who care as much about substance as they do about style. Tidals are the most comfortable flip-flop you'll ever wear — or your money back. #FlippinComfy

Whisper White
Whisper White
Whisper White
Whisper White
Whisper White
Whisper White
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100% Polyerethane construction
Made in New York, USA

Why Tidal


- Made to last. And Last. And last.

- Polyurethane soles, like premium running shoes

- Every piece is made by us, in house


- Good to go! No break in period

- 5X more resilient than foam flip-flops

- Density is key, our soles are 60% Air


- Wind powered production facility

- Career focused employment for Veterans

- Domestically sourced materials