People Make All The Difference

Meet us at Grand Central, jump on Metro North and you’ll be at our factory in 30 minutes. Heading to Chinatown for a tasty bite? Our studio and design team would love to share our favorite soup dumpling joint. Tidals are made for and by New Yorkers. And like any New York state of mind, at TIDAL, we believe in doing things differently — like building career-focused employment paths for factory employees, sourcing our materials from other US-based family-run businesses, building a community that immerses cultures and prioritizes events that give back to our planet. In every facet of TIDAL, we work with talented, creative and forward-thinking humans, which to us, makes all the difference.

The Makers

With a US-based center for production, we strive to give back to our planet and community in more ways than one. To do so, we maintain employment practices like fair hours and wages, pristine working conditions as well as building career-focused employment paths for factory employees, who are largely U.S. military veterans.

Want to meet the people who work hard to make the world’s most ambitious flip flops? Meet the makers.

Veteran Program

Since opening our factory doors in 2015, we have remained committed to hiring veterans and creating a space where veterans and civilians can work side by side. At our factory, 70% of the employees are veterans—the reason that’s not 100% or will never be is because like everything at TIDAL we believe in inclusivity. A true veteran program immerses the men and women that have served our country, not segmenting them. As a US-based brand with a factory on our shores, this program is just another way that we can support our community and our country.

Supply Chain

We source our materials namely from US-based suppliers, who are also primarily family-run businesses. Our incredibly close and transparent supply chain allows us to be held accountable, by both you, the consumer and our own standards. We are also able to maintain a deeper understanding of the impact we make to our planet and the community.

For us, our suppliers are true partners—a member of the team. Why? Because they are essential in making our flip flops the absolute best product on the market. We share a mutual ethos and goal—to continually improve and always strive to create better, long-lasting materials with minimal environmental impact. We find all the best stuff here…

Polyurethane + Castor: Meramec Supply in Sullivan, Missouri.
Thermoplastic elastomer strap material: S&E Polymers in Leominster, Massachusetts.
Colorants: PAT in Lewiston, Maine and Clariant in Holden, Massachusetts.
Packaging: Multiple partners in New Jersey.

The Founders

Founded in 2014 by brothers, Tim and Tommy Gibb, TIDAL New York is here to make waves in the footwear industry. With a combined 25 years experience in footwear manufacturing and production, these brothers have seen the ins and outs of an industry in need of serious change. So that’s what they did. By onshoring Tidal’s factory, making flip flops with better materials and always pushing the team by asking “what can we do better?” our founders created the world’s most ambitious flip flop.

Studio + Design

Our Canal Street HQ is filled with creative change makers, who are all passionate about developing beautiful products and leaving the world a little better than they found it. With diverse backgrounds and skill sets, our NYC-based team spearheads creative projects, new designs and sustainable endeavors—constantly pushing the relationship between fashion and science. And what better place to do that than in the heart of the fashion community, working right beside other inspirational and creative emerging brands. You can often find us at our office eating soup dumplings and playing with TIDAL’s resident office dogs, Gigi, Cay and Siggy.

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