At TIDAL New York, we’re all about the comfort.

When it’s all said and done, the reason to slip on a pair of flip flops is simple—comfort. Sure, we put on a pair to go to the beach or because they match an outfit, but what we’re really saying when we wear flip flops is: I’m comfortable.

With the simple goal of pure and blissful comfort, we created TIDAL New York. Thicker soles, plant-based materials and comfy straps make our flip flops more wearable than the rest. We also wanted to build a company that we and our customers want to support. That’s why we ethically and locally make Tidals at our low-waste factory in New Rochelle, NY. We believe in comfort from the ground up.


For us, comfort always comes first. Through intentional design, innovative manufacturing processes and more renewable plant-based materials we have created a more comfortable shoe that is guaranteed to last longer than summer.

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why plants?

We’re on a path to full renewability. In our first step towards this goal, we’ve transformed our material from non-renewable to now include 13.11% renewable matter using a pink prickly plant called castor.

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At TIDAL New York, we do things differently like building career-focused employment paths for factory employees and sourcing our materials from other US-based family-run businesses.

How We Stay Local


Being kind to our planet is something we live by and a responsibility we want to experience with you. TIDAL makes flip flops that are less wasteful and closer to the consumer. We tread lightly because we believe in impact.

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“TIDAL New York was born out of our collective understanding that the status quo of footwear manufacturing is no longer viable. We strive to change our industry, while making the best product possible, because we believe that transparency and action are the only paths forward.”

— Tim Gibb, Co-Founder
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