We talk a lot about what it means to be an ethical business. But that talk only goes so far—we want to lead by example, do the work and back it up. In 2021 we became B-Corp certified and had our soles verified as USDA Biopreferred certified products, and we’re proud of these badges but we’re committed for the long haul. Want the full scoop?

Download and read our 2020 Impact Report now.

In 2021, TIDAL New York became a B Corporation.

B Corp is an organization that analyzes every aspect of a business to determine if companies meet the highest standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. 

With a score of 140.6 and a rigorous year-long application process, we are proud to be the first American footwear manufacturer to be B Corp certified, as well as one of the highest scoring fashion companies in the world. 

Becoming certified isn’t a time to hang up our hat; it’s actually a tool used to identify our gaps and where we can improve. Feel free to geek out over the breakdown of our score here: 

Our soles are USDA Certified BioBased products. 

In an effort to ditch fossil fuels and use bio-based resources, we now use waste as the renewable ingredient in our sole recipe. 

We sent along TIDAL soles to a third party lab, where they were rigorously tested… and then tested again for renewable content. The USDA BioPreferred Program verifies the lab results by conducting studies of their own. Findings indicate that our black soles are 30% bio-based and all other colors are 25% bio-based.

We donate 1% of gross revenue to 1% For The Planet.

Charitable giving is an integral part of our efforts to make the world a better place. We love to give our time, our product and our capital to causes we believe in. Our commitment through 1% for the Planet is to donate 1% gross revenue in cash donations to organizations benefiting the planet.

Using Renewable Energy to Create.

We’ve set up digital printing as opposed to screen printing, this is a choice that saves up to 55% of our energy usage associated with printing. In 2017, we reduced our energy usage by refitting the factory with LED ballasts and lighting in order to conserve energy.  We also pay for 100% of our energy usage to be returned as renewable energy to the power grid in the form of wind power.

Meet Our GREENGUARD Gold Certified Inks!

We proudly use Mimaki’s GREENGUARD Gold Certified inks. That means these inks have passed rigorous testing (for over 10,000 chemicals and 360 VOCs!) by a third party to verify that the inks have low chemical emissions. Our printing process allows you to put your best foot forward in leopard, cow or cloud prints … without having to worry about the footprint you are leaving behind!

Charitable Partners: Continued Giving