Flip-Flop FAQs – Tidal New York

Flip-Flop FAQs

What size flip-flop should I take?

Our flip-flops fit true to size. However, if you normally take a half size, we recommend that you go down to the whole size. So if you usually wear size 8 1/2, an 8 will probably fit the best. For measurements check our flip-flop size guide HERE.


Why do your flip-flops cost $26.00?

Tidal New York flip-flops are made in the United States from start to finish, and use domestically sourced material. We have engineered our product to be longer lasting and more durable than other flip-flops on the market. The result is a product that is very different from cheaper flip-flops you might find at a drug store.   


What kind of arch support does your product offer?

Tidal New York flip-flops are designed with 8mm of arch support. This by no means makes our flip-flops orthotic, but does add to the overall comfort and feel of shoes. This combined with soles made of 100% polyurethane, makes for a significantly more comfortable fit than a typical EVA flip-flop.


What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a material most commonly found in running shoes. It’s cellular structure has a “memory” which means that it will return to it’s original shape after being compressed. In terms of feeling on your feet, this creates a sole that will not become packed down over the course of the day, instead it will stay springing and bouncy. This also means the soles will stay soft and comfy far longer than traditional EVA flip-flops.


How do you help veterans?

Tidal New York is committed to helping veterans through training and employment. Over half our staff is are Veterans, and we continue to hire and train Veterans as we expand. Every pair purchase helps us expand this effort. We also continue to partner with Heroes in Transition, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to provide support to returning veterans.