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We’re all about comfort We’re all about comfort
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Through innovation and collaboration, TIDAL is changing footwear with its renewable sole.*

Renewable soles are changing footwear
Renewable soles are changing footwear

TIDAL flip flops are for living your best life. That means being physically
comfortable, but also comfortable with who you are and the choices you make.
With thicker soles, renewable materials and comfy straps, our flops are also
designed to last longer than the average flip flop.

Translation: Tidals will spend more time on your feet and less in a landfill.
From start to finish, our flops are ethically made right here in New York with
materials also sourced right here in the U.S. So you can feel good investing in
a quality shoe and brand committed to doing things better.

Obsessed with Quality
Product 02

with Quality

Through intentional design, innovative manufacturing and leveraging domestic suppliers we’ve created a sole the same quality as a sneaker but now renewable.*

Our Planet, Our Commitment
Planet 03

Our Planet,
Our Commitment

In our most recent step, we altered chemistry to bring you a renewable sole.* We also on-shored our factory and built an entirely domestic supply chain to lower our impact.

People 04


We do things differently like building career-focused employment paths for factory employees and sourcing our materials from other US-based family-run businesses.

Factory 05

Beyond the Label:
“Made in USA”

For us, being the best business we can means producing locally. We share a step-by-step guide to how we make the world’s most comfortable flip flop.

“TIDAL New York was born out of our collective understanding that the status quo of footwear manufacturing was no longer viable. We strive to change our industry while making the best product possible because we believe transparency and action are the only paths forward.”
Tim Gibb, Co-Founder
*Why include this asterisk? As a brand and innovator, we take our facts seriously, and work to make sure that what we say is what we mean; as well as giving you, our customer, the respect you deserve in how we disclose those facts. As we make constant progress towards the best possible flip flop, with the lowest impact on our planet, the nature of the renewability of our source will be constantly upgraded, until the entire product can be said to be renewable itself. T is for TIDAL but also TRANSPARENCY.
Certified B Corporation


TIDAL New York is B Corp Certified. Vetted and reviewed, we are proud to meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact.
1% For the Planet


We’re an active member of the 1% For The Planet family—Pledging 1% of gross sales to environmental non-profits.