5 Food Faves for Memorial Day Weekend

5 Food Faves for Memorial Day Weekend

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Hot Dogs

This Memorial Day, 818 hot dogs will be eaten every SECOND. That’s a lot of frankfurters! Whether it’s Chicago-style, ketchup & mustard, or just plain, grab yourself a hot dog off the grill this weekend…everyone is doing it, literally.  


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Share a beer with someone (21+) you love this Memorial Day! After all, it is the 2nd top beer holiday in the United States, following closely behind Independence Day. If your loved one can’t be with you this weekend, let technology help out with a boozy video chat. Drink (and FaceTime) responsibly! 
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What’s more classic than a delicious burger, fresh off the grill? Around 87% of people eat a burger this Memorial Day-- it’s the most popular Memorial Day grill-food, followed by steak, chicken, and hot dogs. Check out some of these incredibly juicy photos to get your taste buds (and shopping list) ready for the weekend.  


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With all this talk about grill food, we almost forgot about dessert! (Kind of, not really. We could never actually forget dessert.) Whether it’s classic cherry, blueberry, key lime, or pecan, share some pie with your loved ones. If you’re going for something a little out of your comfort zone this Memorial Day, check out this avocado pie recipe! (Yes, avocado.) You’ll definitely be the star of the weekend BBQ blitz. 


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Ice Cream

Pie just isn’t your thing? How ‘bout ice cream? Mint chocolate chip might be America’s favorite for Memorial Day, but don’t let that hold you or your sweet-tooth backAfter all, America is the land of opportunity (they meant flavor-wise, right?) so throw in some Rocky Road, Cherry Garcia, or some classic Neapolitan flavors. No one's judging!  


...We’re getting hungry just talking about all these delicious Memorial Day foods! Time to slip on your Tidals and take a trip to the grocery store (PSA: we don't suggest going hungry), corner bodega, or fresh market for your fave ingredients. All snacks aside, don't forget to celebrate the women and men who've served our country and deserve the biggest slice of thank you pie. Have a safe and ridiculously delicious long weekend! 

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