Tidal Travels: DUMBO

Tidal Travels: DUMBO

Dumbo is arguably getting cooler and cooler.  Nope, not the Disney Dumbo character but Brooklyn’s very own Dumbo. “What exactly is that, where is that, what does it mean” one inevitably wonders. DUMBO = Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, a.k.a. nuzzled between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and rightfully nuzzling into our hearts. Ridiculous alliteration and acronyms aside, the truth behind the name has artistic roots that speak the to the community’s need to relish its history and cobblestone streets. In the 1970s, Dumbo’s residents consisted of almost entirely artists, beatniks, and “creative types”. Collectively they chose the name for the southwest nook of Brooklyn to intentionally be silly and unattractive so as to ward off prospective real estate buyers and developers. 

Well, let’s just say that didn’t work. Despite changes, Dumbo has become one of the gems of New York City, and is beyond worth your while. Home to the most photographed spot in Brooklyn (hint Washington Street) along with some of the trendiest and tastiest spots in Brooklyn. Although separated from Manhattan by the glorious East River, Dumbo couldn’t be easier to reach. Take the subway underground (or sometimes across the Manhattan Bridge) or have the New York Ferry scoop you up from whichever part of New York you find yourself in, for the scenic and windier route. It’s cheap to get to, easy to navigate, and a unique adventure awaiting just on the other side. From noteworthy pizza slices to homemade ice cream to good ol’ time entertainment, our Tidal Travels Dumbo guide has your hot spots secured.  Whether you’re from the Big Apple or just in for a visit, make sure you put a day trip to Dumbo in your travel plans. 

    Amber Vittoria

    We sat down with artist and collaborator Amber Vittoria to chat about her inspiration behind the Tidal New York collection and her drive as an artist both in NYC.
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