Style In Context: Flip-Flops

Style In Context: Flip-Flops

We know that flip-flops are synonymous with summer time fun and easy breezy beach days. But there are plenty of other places that Tidal flip-flops live from saunas to spas, bodegas to bridal showers and beyond! To help share our vision we’ve enlisted a NYC stylist to help create four looks that flip-flops are the perfect fit to any outfit debacle.


Beach Belle

Beach days don't have to necessarily be spent in denim and racer-tees, on the contrary, it can be an opportunity to show off some of your lighter fabric choices like linen and cotton that are both breathable and can be easier than denim. For example, Toteme's boho dress in a pop-color like red or a light weight linen pant and a matching button down - throw a silk scarf around your wet locks, gold hoops and you're ready for your dinner date!


City Athleisure 

You're a city slicker and could care less about trends - hence why you're unafraid of pairing unusual layers and unconventional fits. Think boyfriend denim, blazer, a crisp tee and black flip-flops! Or take note from Ms. Olsen and rock a minimal, fresh look with flip-flops and a knit. Nothing says balance like trousers that feel like yoga pants but read like slacks. 


Zoot Suit Fit

We get it, you hear flip-flops and suits and think: unicorn sighting. But as you can see above, that is simply not the case! More and more, women are taking business casual into their own hands and nixing the uncomfortable (albeit beautiful) heels for a more relaxed shoe - and style fit. Take this VS angel Candice for instance, a power suit - in any color - requires a no additional frills so why should your shoe choice be anything other than a flip-flop? Your toes will breathe easy and your work day will be easy breezy. 



The Casual Fashion Statement 

Ya know, out of the West Coast, we think they might be on to something: the relaxed chic look that beckons a second look but doesn't seem uncomfortable or trying. In fact, easily throwing on an H&M statement jumpsuit with a flowy pant or a wide-leg slack (very on trend at the moment!*) is both bohemian meets boutique vibes. No one will know you got it on sale...and you'll never think twice about rocking a flip-flop in a chic setting. 

5 Fun Ways to Surprise Mom

We all can agree, a little bit from our loved ones goes a long way; like a bouquet of flowers, washing the dishes (without her asking), making Mama breakfast in bed, (over)indulging her with her favorite sweets, or planning a getaway for much needed R&R. Either way, "surprising" her with not only one of her hinted requests with a little (hidden) something on the side. She’ll never see it (or the flip-flops) coming!

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