The Fashion Don't We Love To Do

The Fashion Don't We Love To Do

Socks and sandals…you either love the combo or you hate it. Yet somehow we always end up (sometimes in emergency situations) sportin' the fashion don't. Instead of accepting the norm, we challenged the crazy idea and took a few photos in our attempt to conquer the fashion faux pas fear. From crew and toe to tulle and ribbed, the sock-and-sandal possibilities are endless (or so we like to think).

Socks and sandals have a place in fashion - and your closet. We’ve already got the sandals covered! Throw on some cute socks and you have yourself a Carrie-worthy fashion moment. We promise it won't hurt as much as acid wash jeans when you glance back to TBT photos!

Tidal Travels: Upstate New York

Living in New York City, almost anyone can attest to the anchor that upstate serves as, the beacon (pun intended) of hope of lusher pastures, cleaner air, and cheaper prices. It’s undeniably a place you’ll want to visit at least once and likely never leave…until your cell service never returns and you’re just sick of those morning birds chirping louder than the JMZ.
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