Made By Live!

Made By Live!

This past weekend, we launched the IRL version of our Made By campaign at American Field (AF) pop-up marketplace in Brooklyn’s Industry City. [Side note: if you’re reading this and live in NYC you should totally check it out…an industrious blue-collar vibe adjacent to the more refined (read curated) feels of Dumbo. Certainly worth a visit, if even for Industry City and it’s plethora of shops and activities every weekend!] We welcomed the public alongside some incredible vendors that included a sea of small and local (mostly) artisanal brands and businesses. From Ball and Bucks, P.F. Flyers, Mike's Hot Honey, to ARTICLE22 and Linhart. The Made By and Tidal Creative Crew were ready for the masses and armed with colorful straps to don their Made By beds. 

Our creative approach to our booth was to recreate our factory…kind of…with pops of bright colors among metal racks and clean lines. We even brought a strapping machine to allow customers to see, feel, and strap their very own sandals! The stars of the show at the Tidal New York booth were definitely our factory staff. Joe, Pat, and Siul along with customers were able together to strap flip-flops, individually customizing each pair of sandals purchased! Here's a couple of quotes taken from the visitors about our event and Tidal New York:

"I usually hate buying flip-flops because they don't last very long... Well, I'm sold!" - AF customer

"I just love how durable they are!" - Jennifer Nalewicki, writer for Thrillist, Smithsonian and more

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