8 Eco-Friendly Festival Accessories

8 Eco-Friendly Festival Accessories

It’s that time of year again where festivals are in full swing and your wardrobe gets a glittery-floral injection of neo-70’s look-a-likes and flower crowns. Nix the nuances and go for something different, something unexpected, something…green! As you know, Tidal’s mantra is to do one thing better. And you've guessed it, that can be applied to literally everything you do. Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by options? Going green-er for your next festival outing can be as easy as packing a couple organic, earth and ocean friendly accessories and reusable items that lower your footprint. It won't go unnoticed, you'll likely influence (read educate) the rest of your crew on just how easy it is to make a big impact - starting with something small. One thing, making a lot of things better. 

Below you’ll find our fave eco-friendly (and almost all American made) accessories and alternatives to festival necessities. Did we mention they're budget friendly, too? You’re welcome. 

Eco bags

Literally EVERYONE has a tote bag and is collectively tired of them. Grab a cooler looking, colorful and breathable option that is better for our planet and made in the USA! Net bags come in all types of drop lengths, colors, sizes and are a chic accessory according to the pages of Vogue. 



Putting harsh chemicals on your skin, especially when it's going to face the sun, dust, sweat, and likely dehydration is just a bad idea. Plus, it's the only skin you have! Be gentle to it and your Earth by using a biodegradable glitter that is actually made out of plants! Shine responsibly without the harsh derma-hangover!



Solar Powered Portable Charger

What's life if it isn't captured on Instagram? Just kidding but having no battery does suck and certainly a populated concentrated area can leave your service searching for bars and thus draining your battery much faster than normal. Avoid the burn and bring a SOLAR powered portable charger. Same price as the others, better for the energy suck and certainly an easier "outlet" to find (get it, because of the sun...).




Hunny, it's 2018...if you're not wearing SPF on the regular, what are you even doing with your life?! We've chosen one of our staff faves as it's paraben-free (yas, soft skin sans chemicals) and made in the USA!


Eco-friendly Beach Blanket 

Sure, you may get too sweaty. But NO ONE likes grass stains or itchy legs from laying in the grass, thus the beach blanket! Devocean Beach Blankets are the perfect pick not only for the boho chic vibes that match any festival backdrop but for their ocean conservancy efforts, awareness raised for the fragility of marine habitats and habitat restoration. 



Collapsible Metal straw

Did you know that Americans use over 500 MILLION straws PER DAY?! Skip the waste and save some sea-friends while you're at it by grabbing a collapsible, portable straw you can literally take with you on your keychain. The turtles are counting on you. 



Kalumi BEAUTYfood Bars

Keeping yourself fueled for any long day/night can be a challenge when you, like, just can't stop dancing. And let's not forget the painfully long lines for the food stands. Skip the starvation and snack on a health bar that provides you 15g of protein for more fancy footwork AND enhances your skin, hair and nails. You'll literally be glowing from nutrition and full belly. Did we mention Kalumi Bars are non-GMO, gluten free, soy free and dairy free?!

Tidal Travels: DUMBO

Dumbo is arguably getting cooler and cooler.  Nope, not the Disney Dumbo character but Brooklyn’s very own Dumbo. “What exactly is that, where is that, what does it mean” one inevitably wonders. DUMBO = Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, a.k.a. nuzzled between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges and rightfully nuzzling into our hearts. 
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