The Future Called, It Wants Its Flip Flops Back



The year is 2090. We’re on planet earth, but our cohorts travel regularly from outer space. We live in a closed loop system—producing all our own food and only wearing products with purpose. It’s the only way we can survive, thrive and continue to keep our planet alive. It’s how we GROW. Created in the past, we look towards the future … Could this place exist? Could we?

In this new and better world, we strive for ecological harmony and synthesis. Learning from the mistakes of overproduction and overconsumption, we only make what we can use—no more, no less. A farmer may wear familiar workwear silhouettes—not to dig but rather to grow plant matter, support our hydroponic space farms and make renewable materials. Friends opt-out of FaceTime (the non-ionizing radiation was too much) … Instead we communicate through footwear. HELLO? Can you hear me? There’s a fork in the road, which way do we go? We choose to move forward with intent, with purpose. It’s worth the ride. 

Below we enlist photographer, Balarama Heller to document our journey to the future, featuring the latest collection GROW, the first of many collections featuring our new now made w/ plants* formulation. This palette of PISTACHIO, YVES, CONCRETE and BLACK, literalizes the theme of plant extraction and epitomizes a step in the right direction to renewability. How can molded and set foam be made from plants and what would that look like? Explore more here. 

Welcome to the TIDAL New York space odyssey. 











Photographer | Balarama Heller

Lighting Tech | Tim Schutsky

Styling | Rhamier Auguste

Set Design | Oak Laokwansathitaya

Makeup | Mika Shimoda

Hair | Kazuto Shimomura 

Models | Eris Shaver + Tim Bendernagel

Straight Off The Runway, Flip Flops!

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