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As many of you may know, it’s sort of our tradition to not follow holiday retail traditions. For several seasons now, our co-founders have even waxed poetic on why we skip the price-slashing extravaganza. And while we all like a blow-out sale, what we at TIDAL really love is giving back and supporting our local community.

With many out of jobs this season and unable to provide for their loved ones, we are thinking first and foremost about them. If you can and choose to shop with us, today through Giving Tuesday (12/1), we are proud to donate 25% of proceeds to The Greyston Foundation.* A local organization (just a few miles away) that helps give jobs to people who historically have a hard time getting them. Open Hiring removes barriers of entry for employment—giving all a fair shot at economic opportunity.

At a moment when unemployment is reaching new heights, we are pouring our efforts into Greyston for the second time this year because we have seen firsthand how their foundation and Center for Open Hiring directly uplifts our very own community. 

Situated just a few miles from our New Rochelle factory, Greyston strives to break barriers in employment practices and raise up communities by providing a model for opportunity, job security and economic stability. Since 1982, Greyston has proven that offering jobs to people facing barriers to employment—the formerly incarcerated, the homeless, those in recovery—can break the cycle of poverty, empower individuals, and strengthen communities. 

Through their innovative practice of Open Hiring (no background checks, no resumes, and no interviews) the foundation provides a path to people simply looking for a fresh start, as well as a model for how to bring this tenant of ethical employment into other businesses. You can learn more about this amazing organization by reading the conversation between our co-founder Tim Gibb and Greyston’s president, Joe Kenner.

We hope that you’ll consider either donating to their cause directly or give a loved one a considered gift this holiday season, one that supports local businesses and people in more ways than one. 

Who you support, what you consume and being a responsible corporation (that part’s on us!) matters. Thank you for being a part of our small family!

*Offer valid online from 11/23 at 9am EST through Tuesday, December 1st @11:59pm PST. Not valid on previous purchases, taxes and shipping. 

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