It’s pink. It’s new. It’s our current obsession. Meet the Jo Contrast. Zingy fuschia up top, pale petal on the bottom, it’s heat + sweet. The best of both worlds, and the definitive look of summer 2021. Pink has the magical ability to magnify whatever look you pair it with. Here, our brand director Carly shows us how versatile they can be (in Jamaica!). Sweet with lace. Tough with denim. Offsets even the slightest hint of a tan. You know you want it. Here’s how to wear it.

Photography | Ken Steamaz 
Styling | Direction | Talent | Carly Aimi

The neon straps add edge to anything you wear it with.
Don’t worry about matching. Pink goes with everything. *Bike not included.


A drapey, dreamy blush gingham white dress sets the tone of pretty in pink, but a hit of heat at the foot keeps it all vibrant, authentic and stylish.


Honestly, nobody really respects nude heels. Similarly, everyone recognizes the power of a vibrant, rosy flop. Paired with orange? Sure. Yellow? Yeah why not. Pink always holds its own.






Got pants, got a jacket? No shirt needed.
Just add flops. Beach business cool, perfected.

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