Reasons to <3 Your Tidals

When it comes to making flip flops, we put a lot of effort into making a product that is inherently effortless. Rightfully so, you shouldn’t have to think too hard about what’s between you and the ground beneath your feet. That’s our thing. But in case you ever find yourself at a loss for words or simply wondering why you can’t stop wearing your super comfy Tidals, we share video evidence breaking down all the reasons to <3 your Tidals.


Reason #1 TIDAL New York is all about TRANSPARENCY.



Tidals are made at our wind-powered factory in New Rochelle, NY with materials sourced exclusively from U.S.-based suppliers. We keep our supply chain tight and close to home to strengthen our commitment to transparency.


Reason #2 Tidals have got BOUNCE.





Reason #3 Tidals are DURABLE. Like, really durable.




Normal wear and tear has got nothing on a pair of Tidals.

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