One Day Holiday

Our summer editorial was inspired by the one day holiday. You know it, it’s a familiar concept in NYC. It’s a blistering hot day in the city and you just have to dunk your toes in the cool Atlantic. You start a group chat to see who is free, throw on a swimsuit and some flip flops, jump on the A train with a few snacks in tow, meet your buds on the dock — and you’re there, on your one day holiday. It’s usually even more fun than anything you could have planned.
 Looking forward to your next one day holiday?
Compliment a beautiful swimwear look with the essential NYC summer accessory: comfy flip flops
The perfect recipe for a one day beach holiday? A killer bikini and comfy flip flop duo to make you feel and look great
Women flip flops in many styles and colors. Perfect for keeping your footwear and pedicure matching all summer long
During summer, comfort is essential for both men and women. Tidal New York's comfortable flip flops won't let you down on those hot, summer beach days
Accessorize the perfect summer beach dress with cute pink flip flops. Perfect for a beach picnic
Whether for relaxing or active summer days, Tidal New York flip flops are the perfect NYC summer essential
Catching some rays with friends this weekend? Make sure to check out the sustainable women's flip flops collection by Tidal New York
Soak up the summer sun with beautiful swimwear and American made flip flops by Tidal New York


Photography: Natalia Mantini

Stylist: Kindall Almond

Models: Aliyah Monet, Kareema Davine, 

Yerum Chun, Chris Currence

Makeup: Mika Shimoda

Hair: Kazuto Shimomura



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