Some older people are just plain cool. But the ones who regularly rock out on the beaches of Miami are probably the coolest. Letting it all hang out, day in day out … At TIDAL we’ve always been inspired by this unabashed approach to being yourself. It’s authentic. It’s punk rock. And it looks like a lot of fun.

What is a better embodiment of the phrase “you do you” than these awesome people who are doing exactly what they want? In an always-on world where we are all working at least nine-five, seven days a week … the attitude of these senior sunbirds, is something we all aspire to. They’re just doing their thing and loving life.

Want to meet them?


Life according to Adis

“I love living in paradise.”

-Adis Riveron




1. I’m from Brazil originally. I used to live in New York City, a long time ago on Thompson Street.

2. I have a dog named Bonjour! He’s a Goldendoodle. I was inspired to get him after watching A Star is Born and learning that the Goldendoodle in that, who I really liked, was Bradley Cooper’s own dog. He’s a service dog and is staring at me right now because he knows I’m talking about him. 

3. I used to be in advertising and marketing. I still have lots of friends from that industry.

4. Now that I’ve got my two shots I finally can travel again. This summer I’m going with my wife Yara to Brazil to visit my mother, and then Europe to see friends. Bonjour is coming with us!



How she ended up in Miami
I was born in Cuba. I moved to Miami because of the political state in the country. To improve and have freedom. I’ve been living in Miami now for 15 years. I love everything about it, the culture, the language, the climate.

How she stays young
By avoiding stress! Also by listening to music from my era, exercising, and walking outdoors. I love having new clothes to wear with my friends. Have my nails done and beautiful hair.

Her #1 recommendation for first-time Miami visitors
Brickell City Center and of course, South Beach.


Kimberly’s style philosophy
I like to be one of a kind, to look elegant and sophisticated. I keep the young around me and allow myself to learn from them. When I pick up my Grandson at school and he says you always look so elegant MiMi, that makes me happy and affirms my style and who I set out to be…

Her favorite shops
I love mixing designers and color with textures. My favorite shops are the boutique shops ... Bal Harbor, the Versace Restaurant is one of my favorites and designers too!



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