TIDAL New York Meets Jonathan Cohen’s “Our Flower Shop”


“I am very excited about our continued partnership with TIDAL New York.  In addition to producing beautiful and sustainable products together, we are also partnering with GREYSTON a social justice enterprise. Producing products that are ethically made, and conscious of the humans making them, is of the utmost importance to our brand as well as to TIDAL. To be able to create a desirable product that can also impact social systems is absolutely vital.”
— Jonathan Cohen, Designer


You can always count on Jonathan Cohen to be creative while in a pinch. When Covid-19 took over our lives and the collective consciousness, Jonathan and co-founder and CEO, Sarah Leff sat down and thought about what they can do to benefit their community the most. Enter: “Our Flower Shop”, hand drawn virtual floral arrangements by Jonathan that are sent over email. For each bespoke arrangement, donations are made to organizations such as A Common Thread, No Kid Hungry and The Bowery Mission to name a few. 

Having watched “Our Flower Shop” blossom even during the uncertain times of Covid-19, we knew Jonathan and Sarah were once again onto something. So when they approached us for our third product collaboration, now with a charitable component—we instantly said yes and quickly got to work. Usually reserved as a special Fashion Week moment, this is the first time our collaboration with Cohen is available on our site! Our on-going partnership reflects a shared mission and values—to create beautiful and wearable pieces, all while building a responsible and transparent business that is inherently less harmful on the planet. 

The best part? For every pair sold, 30% of proceeds will be donated to Greyston Bakery. Located just a few miles away from Tidal’s New Rochelle factory, Greyston is not only responsible for all the delicious brownies in your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor but a pioneer in the open hiring movement. Since 1982, the bakery has changed lives by eliminating scrutinizing requirements in the employment process. Their mission is to improve our local community and individuals prosperity by hiring without interviews, resumes, background checks or applications. People often rejected for employment now have the ability to thrive and contribute—Greyston helps break the poverty cycle with a simple notion called trust. 



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