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Last updated: April 16, 2020 at 5:00PM EST

In an effort to do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19, we have closed our Canal Street office until further notice and are in the process of reopening our factory in New Rochelle, New York with the following changes.

We are shipping as usual:
As a proud partner of UPS, TIDAL shipping processes have not been impacted with the exception of expedited shipping. Guaranteed deliveries for premiere services may be affected due to our state of emergency, but UPS remains committed to providing timely and reliable service. Thank you for your understanding.

Easy online returns:
All customers have 60 days to make a return. We understand COVID-19 impacts all differently, please reach out to support@tidalnewyork.com and we’ll help you out.
Learn more about our Returns & Exchange policy here: www.tidalnewyork.com/pages/return-policy

We have increased sanitization:
Our facilities are following all guidelines from the CDC. We have doubled cleaning services using hospital grade materials to disinfect all frequently touched surfaces as the most important measure of prevention.

Employee safety is our #1 priority:
All employees have been provided PPE including; hand sanitizer, face shields, gloves, masks and safety glasses. Shifts have been spaced out, with only 2-3 people working at any given time in a 10,000 square foot space. Additionally, all factory shifts are voluntary—meaning, if staff doesn’t feel comfortable or healthy they do not have to come in.

Product availability:
If you see it on the site, that means we have it ready to go! Once your order is processed it will be shipped from our Distribution center within 24-48 hours. Please note: shipping providers are prioritizing essential products and standard delivery times may vary.

As always, we’re here if you have questions:
Times are tricky, we get it. If any of the above doesn’t answer your questions — we’re here. Just shoot us an email at support@tidalnewyork.com and we’ll work with you on what you need.


We’re All About Taking Action, So Here’s How To Help Those MOST Affected by COVID-19.  

It’s easy to feel disconnected and even helpless right now. We decided that the best thing we can do at the moment is be us, a company whose mission puts people first. So to help us all get through these times, we rounded up some things you can do to support those affected by COVID-19 (emotionally, physically or fiscally) while working from home in our small NYC apartments … We also added a thing or two for some good ‘ole lolz. 

Donate to your local food bank 
In America, close to 30 million children rely on the National School Lunch program annually on top of the nearly million who are homeless—all of whom are at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. If you can, give back and donate what you can. Here are some options to help keep people safe. 
Feeding America
Food Bank for New York City 
Feeding Westchester
Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
Bowery Mission 
Coalition for the Homeless 

Offer to assist those at-risk 
If you are able (i.e. you have no underlying conditions and are at low-risk to contract the virus per the CDC), offering to help a parent or neighbor get groceries or prescriptions keeps our most at-risk safely in their homes. You can volunteer within NYC at local non-profits like Invisible Hands Deliver.

Call your grandparents, loved ones and friends 
Your grandparents would probably say that you should be calling them anyways, but right now it’s extra important to give them a ring! Social isolation for those who are most at-risk can be hard. There’s plenty of free video chat services like WhatsApp and Skype. 

Keep contracts with freelancers, vendors and support local businesses if possible 
Like small businesses who stay afloat month-to-month there will be tons of consultants, contractors and freelancers in the same situation. People’s income will be hitting a dramatic pause. If you have the means to uphold contracts and support a local business—do what you can! Below are some resources for workers immediately impacted. 
Freelance Artist Resources
Bartender Emergency Assistance
Restaurant Workers Resources

Take care of your body, mind and spirit 
Fear and general WTF-ness looks different for everyone. For us, taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits means talking with each other every day (not just about work, but about how we are), trying new recipes, drinking wine with friends on FaceTime, doodling, clumsily trying online yoga class and decompressing from the news. Here are a few resources we’re turning to: 
Free Online Yoga Class w/ SkyTing @12pm EST 
Live Bootcamp Fitness Classes with AARMY
Virtual Drink + Draw Classes 
THIS Insanely Delish White Bean Recipe is Soooo Easy 
Follow @wfhfits For Some Inspiration on WFH Lewks 

And lastly just enjoy this pic of a bunny working from home, just like all of us and you !!!

Flops Are The New Slippers

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