Holiday Shopping Made *Really* Easy

Whether you’re near, far or safely zooming your way through the holiday season, give everyone on your list the gift of comfort. From your uncle who insists on hitting the beach this holiday (no matter how far the drive is) to your BFF who has taken her quarantine hobby from one succulent to full-time plant mom, TIDAL has a gift for everyone on your list 🎁

Your cousin Sarah is a creative type. You can almost always find her curled up in a cozy nook sketching or enthralled in a new book. Instead of getting her art supplies or a new best-seller (so obvious…), grab a pair of Tidals, which are perfect for lounging and cuddling up, without overheating.  



No matter what—this dude (we like to call him Uncle Fred) is getting to the beach. Even if that means driving 14 hours with a bottle of purell in the passenger seat. Pick a pair of comfy flops to match the moment and live it up surfside.



Your younger sister Julie has always thrown caution to the wind. She once showed up to Thanksgiving dinner in a floor-length gown just because she felt like it. And boy, did it get a rise from the other side of the family. Julie revels in being a contrarian, it’s just her nature. Show her you care and know her wild side with a gift that says you do you—socks and flip flops.



Your bestie has taken home transformation to the next level and is officially a full-time plant mom. Instead of getting her a plant (again, obvious…) consider planet-friendly Tidals! Made from renewable material, they are especially convenient when you spill the watering can.  


You hear a loud ohhhmmm vibrating throughout the apartment as your roommate finishes up her online yoga class. Instead of getting her a new mat or class subscription (everyone will do that!), super comfy flops are perfect for walking to and from the  studio (or spare bedroom) and fit perfectly in your bag. Free her feet!




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