Finding What The Tide Brought In

We always try to practice what we preach. If cleaning up our planet is important to us, then you can bet that we are going to be out there doing something about it.

For the last two years, we have had the chance to partner with 1% For The Planet, an organization that  facilitates a 1% donation of our annual gross sales to environmental causes and allocate funds to environmentally-focused companies. We love being a part of the 1% family because they have also connected us to other amazing organizations, like Surfrider, a group of Rockaway surfers who dedicate their time to cleaning up local beaches. 

On a particularly warm fall day, the entire Tidal team (our HQ, factory team, founders, and even our agencies) gathered at Orchard Beach in the Bronx, just 15 minutes away from our factory in New Rochelle—and we spent the day picking up trash. Although the mission was solemn in a lot of ways, we had a great time all together; eating pizza and knowing that we were enacting positive change in our community

 In the few short hours we were at Orchard Beach, here is what we collected:

It was pretty astounding to see and collect all of the trash sitting on our shores—and leaving with the knowledge that there is so much more still out there. Our effort might have left the beach looking cleaner for a single day, but the scale of the issue is something far greater than what can be solved in an afternoon. While it felt good to come together as a company, team and community to make a difference, albeit a small one—our annual beach clean up serves to remind us that as a manufacturer our everyday decisions impact the planet. From production to design to packaging, each choice we make can either harm or help our environment. The gravity of this is not lost on us, and our annual beach clean ultimately reminds us of the impact we have, as humans and as a company.

Big thanks to Surfrider for partnering with us on this event!



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