Black Lives Matter

Two weeks ago we took a break from posting on our platforms so it could be a space for resource sharing and other voices. All thirteen TIDAL employees reflected, processed and engaged as individuals but also collectively. Conversations between personal needs and struggles on how to even run a business blurred—this was healthy, honest ... often imperfect.

And while we will be picking things back up, things will be anything but typical. Know that we’re doing the work and fighting for what is right. From day one, our goal has been to make a positive impact—for our employees and our customers, our local communities and our environment. This is and always has been our commitment.

TIDAL New York was founded on the principle of doing the right thing to make the world a better (more comfortable) place. And not just physically comfortable, but comfortable with who you are. This extends beyond self-reflection: We must actively strive to create a society where Black people can live and prosper without fear of hate, discrimination and violence. Black Lives Matter. 

As we have grown our small business, we have learned more about what doing the right thing means, and what it requires. We have always known that significant structural changes within our organization and industry need to be met—and recognize that action, not just words or ideas, must come to fruition.


TIDAL is working to become an actively anti-racist organization. 

  • We have added explicitly anti-racist policies to our employee code of conduct. In  implementing internal policies, anti-racism becomes an active part of our organization.
  • Our community is everything. By building new partnerships (small or large) it’s important for us to work with local organizations that share our values, such as Greyston Bakery, Ali Forney Foundation and Surfrider, we are able to support organizations dedicated to helping marginalized communities. 
  • For the past 3 months we have been working on our B-Corp Certification. This requires TIDAL to implement a policy that will track and make public the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) of our organization and partners. This ensures that our supply chain is as diversified as it can be. 
  • We acknowledge we are a small organization with low headcount. This means each employee will be required to uphold best management and hiring practices and will be held accountable. External racism and bias training will be mandatory and routine and we will apply these principles for freelance support, suppliers, collaborators and all new hires. 


Who we work with is who we are.  

  • Veteran Immersion Program: Since opening our doors in 2015, we have committed to hiring veterans, a community of people who oftentimes are minorities. Returning home isn’t always as advantageous as presented, with programs that prevent true immersion back into society and support throughout the process. We create a space where veterans and civilians can work side by side, while maintaining employment practices such as fair hours, wages and building career-focused employment paths. Let’s debunk misconceptions!
  • Hiring BIPOC Creatives: We pledge to continue to work with more Black creatives. Full stop. This promise goes beyond just who is in front of the camera and on our feed, but extends to the many other creative roles in our organization that need to be occupied by Black voices. We understand the only way to implement change is for equal representation in leadership and employment. 
  • Ethical Supply Chain: We often speak about environmental benefits of having a transparent supply chain, but the truth is there is much more. Spending money with local businesses and domestic suppliers as well as building manufacturing in the U.S. ensures better employment practices, upward mobility and fair wages. Keeping not only us accountable but also the people we work with. While this decision is more expensive, it is a cost that’s non-negotiable.


Black Lives Matter. 

Anti-racism is work. Bottom line, our work is not done. 

As we’ve said from the get-go, we are an open book and encourage questions, conversations and learning. If you want to chat about our policies and practices, please reach out to our co-founder Tim Gibb at



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