Beyond The Label: "Made in USA"

Ever wonder how TIDAL flip flops are made? How we manufacture and assemble every piece right here in New Rochelle using all domestic materials? Why we do this? And who are the people behind a flip flop factory in New York? Watch the video above and learn how we make the world’s most comfortable flip flop.
Videos and photography by BABYHOUSE New York

The TIDAL factory is the core of who we are. It’s literally where and more importantly why we began. We often talk about people, planet and product and the importance of being an ethical business but what does that mean? How are they all connected? Why is local production (from start to finish) the key ingredient in doing this? We drove out to the factory to explain. 

Joined by photography and videography duo BABYHOUSE New York we decided to capture our eye-catching, peak summer collection not at the beach, but rather within four metal walls of our fluorescent lit wind powered factory located in New Rochelle, New York.

In this historical moment—where we can’t access medical supplies during a pandemic, environmental policies are in dire need of reform and millions are out of work and facing hardship, sharing our story has never been more important to us. Not because we think that our small company will change the world, but because we believe in local production and we believe more companies implementing ethical business practices can. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Manufacturing in New York, sourcing the entirety of our materials domestically, all but ensures a transparent supply chain—one where we can work closely with suppliers to innovate and push the boundaries on renewability and sustainability. This commitment to radical transparency serves as the cornerstone to our environmental and ethical practices. From inventory reduction and lower carbon emissions to material and technological innovations, the environmental benefits are innumerable. Further, domestic manufacturing and deindustrialization provides economic impacts to the working class and BIPOC communities in the New Rochelle community.

"We’ve seen the right shoring movement gain steam around sustainability and transparency. The general understanding of local production has evolved from a spirit of nationalism to one of having a stake in environmentalism and ethical business practices.”

—Tim, TIDAL Co-Founder

Perhaps the most important byproduct of a local factory (a train ride away from our NYC HQ!) is that we are able to know, collaborate and adore the people who make Tidals. The team’s level of commitment and ownership is evident. Every employee can inhabit nearly any role in the production cycle. They are also experts in their dedicated areas. “Everyone knows what their job is and that they can go to anybody for help. It’s a brotherhood and sisterhood,” says Pat, Senior Manufacturing Specialist. 

Autonomy, trust and ownership prevail at the factory. Our co-founders are based on opposite sides of the country—the factory managers truly manage and take pride in New Rochelle’s day-to-day operations. We’re a family, Candida is literally Siul’s mom—each day she’s proud to see her daughter grow. 

“The glue that keeps everyone together is that we all know what to do. And when we need information or support, everyone steps in to help. If someone can help out another co-worker, they do. The collaborative spirit here is a really good thing.” 

—Candida, Production Technician


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