At Home With @thankyou_ok 🏠

Katie Merchant of @thankyou_ok shares how she styles her red Tidal flip flops while at home and we must say, we approve

My guess is that you probably already follow Katie Merchant.

Her account, @thankyou_ok, is brimming with beautiful pastel hues, unexpected prints and enviable interiors. To say the least, it is an aesthetic we are fully onboard with.

As part of our ongoing series where we work with creators to share ways they stay comfortable in Tidals, we called upon our #1 insta follow Katie Merchant (@thankyou_ok). The Canadian art director like us, often chooses an unexpected route. See how she captures staying home with her TIDALs and why this fall, she is opting for a pair of ultra-comfy flip flops over a typical slipper. 

Our classic icy blue flip flops are the perfect addition to this gorgeous shot of Katie's green interiors

Tidal NY flip flops aren't just for summer. They are perfect for the fall weather too as @thankyou_ok shows with her perfectly styled shot

Pink flip flops with pink marshmallows on a beautiful pink backdrop. We don't know about you but this is our idea of pink heaven

Follow Katie’s lead and pick up the comfiest shoes for your apartment.


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