And The Glam Goes On


In this brave new world without hair stylists, makeup artists and aestheticians just a phone call away, we say face your fears. GO BIG OR GO HOME. And since you are actually home, you have nothing to fear. For maximized inspo we’re turning to friends of TIDAL and go-to hair and makeup duo, Mika Shimoda and Kazuto Shimomura for some ways to keep it (at least a little 😉) glam. Inspired by … yes, flip flops. 


Before moving to New York and working almost exclusively on fashion shoots, Kazuto Shimomura was a colorist in Tokyo. Here, Kazuto taps back into those roots—hand-dyeing each wig to expertly match the sole of these best-selling Tidals. For anyone out there just itching to do something different with your hair—we say take after Kazuto and just dye it, buzz it, cut it! His work is inspiration enough for us all. 

Has anyone else forgotten how to put on makeup?  Practice makes perfect. NYC-based makeup artist, Mika Shimoda has the remedy. Follow her footsteps with a solid 180. Transform from that no-makeup look to starry-eyed glitter, splatter paint lips and body paint. We double-doggy dare you to bedazzle your toes or paint leopard print on your legs ... Carole Baskin approved.

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