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Living in New York is not an easy feat. Everyone from Sinatra to Jay Z to the local bodega owner will recite the manta: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. And truly, you couldn’t understand the challenge it poses until you are literally just trying to live in it. Beyond survival, the capacity for making it in the industry you desire, is like winning double jeopardy. Amber Vittoria has managed to do just that. She’s pursued a career in design and through the years of working for others, she took the leap many fear: going freelance in NYC. To no surprise (per her talent, not her guestimation) Amber has proven to her peers that her medium is noteworthy – next to that, the message it peruses is one that almost any female can relate to, especially those who live in NYC.


Amber Vittoria's body positive figures predict life as we know it. That is why Tidal New York knew she was perfect to partner with


Particularly for these few reasons, we wanted to partner with Amber Vittoria. Her body-positive figures depict the life as we know it: too busy to shave, too unbothered to be bummed by sweat, and just tryin’ to make it, to beat the man, to flourish in our individual eccentricities, to accept ourselves and our bodies as they are. Our collection with Amber Vittoria focuses on the nuances of August in New York. Arguably the sweatiest, smelliest and certainly stickiest. Refer back to our dedicated page to explore the collection. 


We sat down with Amber Vittoria to discuss her inspiration behind her Tidal New York collection


We sat down with Amber V to chat about her inspiration behind the Tidal New York collection and her drive as an artist both in NYC and as a woman, especially in freelance. Peep the perils below: 

What was your inspiration for the three Tidal designs?

All three pieces speak to the idea of being "too hot" - too hot to shave, too hot to move from a nice spot of flowers in Central Park, and too hot to change into a new outfit before heading out for the evening. Each artwork celebrates being a woman in New York City during the all-too-humid summers. 

Your illustrations focus on accurate portrayals of women...why do you think that is particularly important right now?

Throughout art history and advertising, women have been depicted in a very specific and exclusive way, creating inaccurate societal expectations on women both emotionally and physically. My work aims to depict women from a more accurate woman's perspective.

Is it important to push a message parallel to your work?

It is important that all of my work speak to the accurate representation of women within media and art and aims to break the societal stereotypes set upon women.

What emotions do you hope that the designs evoke in people?

I'd love for people to resonate with the stories of one, or all of the women on each Tidal shoe.

What do you find the toughest about NY summers? What is the best part about NY summers?

The toughest, hottest part of NY summers are the subway platforms, and the best part is seeing everyone outside and happy!

As a woman living in NYC, arguably a more female-positive city over others, what is one thing that you think NY offers a unique space for?

The beauty about New York City is that I am accepted as I am, regardless of how different that may be from others.  

What are your fave colors of summer 2018?

Cerulean, salmon, forest green.

Name a better feeling than bare feet in (clean non-NYC) grass!

Bare feet in the water at Rockaway beach!


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Artist Portrait by Atisha Paulson

Spring 2019 Women’s Editorial Shot by BABYHOUSE

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