A New York Minute with Devi Penny


Meet Devi Penny. A life-long Brooklynite, photographer and producer and interior design aficionado, Devi is a lover of all things comfy and colorful. It’s an approach she takes to her style, interior ethos—and especially her footwear. And surprisingly, she’s a New Yorker that has no problem hitting the street in flops, making her TIDAL test-run one for the books. We caught up with her to chat quarantine in NYC, flip flop taboos, weekend getaway camping trips and more.  



TIDAL NY: Where are you from? Live? Give us the scoop. 

Devi Penny: I was born and raised in Brooklyn, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take a lot of pride in that.

Right now, I live in the Bed-Stuy with my roommate, Alexis (in these pics with me!). We conveniently moved in at the beginning of March, like literally 2 weeks before NYC quarantine started. Alexis and I went to college together and previously ran an art collective, so we knew the vibes were there. When we realized that our timeframes lined up, we jumped at the chance to live together.

What’s your favorite thing about living in your neighborhood? Any go-to spots?

My favorite thing about living in my neighborhood is that it’s not too busy, but also not too boring—it’s just right! It’s hardly a secret if you live in the area, but around the corner from me is this super raved about pizza place, Saraghina, which is all fun and good and trendy. But the REAL spot is right next to it, Saraghina’s Bakery. That’s the spot that brings me joy, fresh focaccia, and life-altering vegetarian quiches **CHEF’S KISS**

Flip flops are often seen as this taboo accessory. Any thoughts on flipping the script on that narrative? 

Having worn Tidals around for a few weeks, I have to say that flip flops feel downright flirty. I will literally wear [flops] with anything. Jeans, dresses, cinched sweats, or workout gear. I love Tidal’s color options so much! I can wear the same type of shoe but completely change my look based on the color of my flip flops.

Your home is so thoughtfully designed. What’s your approach to interiors?

If you know me, then you know I have a straight up obsession with furniture and interiors. I spend a lot of time thinking about pieces I want in my home (or future homes 😉). I’m a big proponent for making sure I get pieces I truly want, versus something that I’m getting for the sake of it. Thrifting pieces really slows down the process for me in a good way, as opposed to just ordering an entire Ikea catalog. I want the piece to pass the test of time and live many iterations of life, regardless of the room it's in. 

What does ‘comfort’ mean to you?

Comfort is simply having the security and ease you get from something you love, but also with a hint of longing. Desire definitely plays a role in true comfort. 

Tell us about quarantining in NYC. What’s that been like for you? 

Like most people, quarantine has been a really reflective time for me. It’s pushed me to ask myself: “What makes me genuinely happy?” and “What sparks joy for me?” It also required me to go with the flow a lot more than I was ever used to! I’m not the best with change, of any variety, so this has been a good time to work on that muscle.

I have been working from home, and I’ll be honest, sometimes it sucks. The introvert in me is shaking at this revelation, but sometimes I do really miss the productivity and literal human contact you get out from sharing an office space with the same people from 9-5. That being said, I think I’ve finally adjusted. And to keep myself sane, I’ve been working on my own WFH project, which involves a new take on interior design (watch my gram for updates!). 

Where was this camping trip to? Look ideal!

Fort Plains, NY! Right by Albany. We booked the trip through Tentr, which is like the Airbnb of camping, which is actually super cool. The previous week was a hard one for me, so I was truly grateful for getting away for the long weekend of, mostly, solitude.

So this was your first time in a pair of Tidals. What did you think? 

As the daughter of an avid flip flop wearer, I’ve walked the streets of Brooklyn and abroad in my fair share of flops. I have to say that TIDAL has changed the flop game for me big time. They are incredibly comfortable, and I didn’t even know that I wanted flip flops with arch support until I wore these. My mother’s even taken a pair from me. Safe to say I will not be getting that one back.

Quick Fire 🔥

Notable Personal Interests: Interior design, photography, cinematography, sustainability, collecting art, reading, traveling (wow I miss that), and whatever Timothee Chalamet is doing.

Reading right now: ‘The Houseguest: And Other Stories’ by Amparo Dávila. But in my book club, we’re about to start the long awaited piece of literary-genius better known as ‘Midnight Sun’ by Stephanie Meyer.

Can’t stop watching: “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” on Netflix

Currently inspired by: Peter Shire’s woodwork, and Miss Ada’s Honey Whipped Ricotta exclusively.