A Laissez-Faire Approach To Seasonal Dressing


Footwear can make or break an outfit. We all know those looks—the ones you can’t really put a finger on why they work, but you want to replicate immediately. The ones that effortlessly balance high and low. They’re good without even trying that hard, and in fact, that is what makes them so good. It’s easy, it’s uncomplicated, it’s whatever magazines keep on saying about how the French dress. It’s a relaxed laissez-faire attitude that says… “Oh what, this old thing? Just threw this outfit together.” That’s why a pair of easy-wearing flops are the perfect balance for your most put together looks. 



In our latest editorial shot by Ackime Snow and styled by Rhamier Auguste, these creatives capture fashion’s in between: exploring looks for at home and those transitional weather days, where it’s hot in the sun and cool in the shade. For when you are meeting a friend for coffee and grabbing some eggs on the way home.



By innovating and iterating the iconic zori flop, TIDAL has reimagined the classic silhouette, making it actually comfortable with thicker soles, zero break-in straps, no-slip treads and 8mm of arch support. And being comfortable—from who you are to what you wear—is the ultimate cool. It is that laissez-faire approach. And we put a lot of effort into making a comfy shoe, so all you have to do is effortlessly be you.


Photographer | Ackime Snow 
Stylist | Rhamier Auguste 
Makeup | Mika Shimoda
Production | Carly Aimi 

Veteran’s Day at the TIDAL New York Factory

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