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Kind Words

I was pumped when I saw my Tidal New York flip-flops sitting on my front stoop a few days after ordering them. The flip-flops are super comfy, ultra-durable, and the perfect flip-flop for when I'm rushing out of the house to work, the gym or downtown for a few drinks with friends!

Own 5 pairs and love them all! Wear them with everything! So cute and comfortable.

Very comfortable. I appreciated the slight design that wasnt too overwhelming yet gave a bit of flair.

Third pair of Tidals. I'll never own another kind. Love them! Hate to see winter come to give them up

I have always loved wearing flip-flops so when I saw these I knew I had to give them a try. Not only are they really cute, they are so well made. The colors and patterns are amazing and fun and the quality makes them so much more comfortable. I will only wear Tidal flip flops from now on. So glad I found these!

I have now purchased 3 pairs of Tidal flip-flops and I couldn't be happier with them. They are fun, colorful, comfortable, and my go-to flip-flop. I used to hate anything between my toes bu these flip-flops are so non-intrusive. You will love them. And with so many designs and colors to choose from there is a pair for everyone!